Here is a list of my current studies and sources.

This gives time spent of study and goals.

WordPress Settings

Adjust WordPress settings as follows:

  • Settings -> General: set the Site Title to something fairly long, and set the Tagline to something even longer. These settings will facilitate testing how the Theme handles these values.
  • Settings -> Reading: set “Blog pages show at most” to 5. This setting will ensure that index/archive pagination is triggered.
  • Settings -> Discussion: enable Threaded Comments, at least 3 levels deep. This setting will facilitate testing of Theme comment list styling.
  • Settings -> Discussion: enable Break comments into pages, and set 5 comments per page. This setting will facilitate testing of Theme paginating link markup/styling.
  • Settings -> Media: ensure that no values are set for max width or height of Embedded media. This setting will facilitate testing of the Theme $content_width setting/implementation. Note: If you are using the most recent version of WordPress, ignore this setting as it has been removed (
  • Settings -> Permalinks: ensure that a non-default permalink setting is selected, e.g. “Month and name”. This setting will facilitate stepping through the Theme Unit Tests.

Create at least two Custom Menus:

  • Long Menu: all included Pages
  • Short Menu: a menu of 2-3 Pages
List of Programming

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